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About Us

I am a veteran, having served four years in the World’s Greatest Navy. The Navy afforded me the opportunity to train at the highest level of fitness, and fell in love with training. My passion, however, had been realized while playing collegiate level softball prior to my military service. That passion translated well to a disciplined military lifestyle. And once my military service was completed, the fitness or sports lifestyle had taken root. With the seed planted, I now began to study the true art of fitness and nutrition. As I dug into my studies, I realized the greatest challenge for most people is the lack of knowledge of fitness and nutrition. So, my main objective is to assist you in achieving your fitness goals through acquiring knowledge of healthy eating and physical fitness conditioning. I would love to assist you with your lifestyle transformation today. Book your consultation with me, and let’s get started crushing your goals.

Evette Taylor

Owner, Fitness & Athletic Professional
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